"Deborah Robertson is star material!"

                                                                                                     The Sunday Herald Sun


                  "A sound that is heart-wrenching yet

        hopeful with lyrics that are infused

                  with wisdom and truth." 


Marcus Cheong, Sight Magazine


Deborah's songs are autobiographical.

They relate closely to her daily life.

They remind me of the Psalm writers.

Her jazz/blues style invokes the lament

of the Psalms and their shouts of joy."


Pastor Cecil Schmalkuche

"Robertson gives a masterly performance."

Kate Herbert, The Herald Sun


Deborah Robertson's recent EP "All Praise To You Lord" is receiving glowing reviews and her album "Have I Got News For You" (Newmarket Music) is on jazz playlists around the country.  She believes in the healing power of God through His son the Lord Jesus Christ and her awe and gratitude to Him for His hand on her life inspires her to sing and write songs.  Especially Gospel ones!