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Deborah is an inspiring and experienced singing and performance coach as well as a VIT-registered teacher.  She teaches Music Theatre, Jazz, Blues and Rock styles of singing and is able to guide interested students through AMEB examinations in Music Theatre.


Deborah provides an encouraging and supportive environment to help students realise  their potential. She equips the singer with a strong foundational  singing technique and as the student progresses, imparts tools to enhance the powerful delivery of a song. She uses techniques developed by renowned acting teacher Konstantin Stanislavsky to help singers discover the connection between their emotions and their voice with the aim of giving a complete, knockout performance.  

For singers aiming for a professional career as a singer, Deborah has also developed a "Keyboard for Singers" program to help singers with the practicalities of a career in the Music Industry.

To book lessons with Deborah or if you have any further queries regarding singing lessons please email

Fee Structure

  1. Fees are charged on a term basis.  1/2 hour lessons are $35.00.  Full hour lessons are $70.00.  The first lesson is for a whole hour.

  2. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If the student lets Deborah know they can't attend before the requisite 24 hour period then the lesson can be rescheduled for another day or time that week if there is an available time.



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